Our Capabilities

We are a full service boatyard that can handle all of your boat repair, maintenance and upgrade needs. If it has to do with boats we can help.

“The boat was noticeably stiffer and quieter – a testament to the superb workmanship.” – Warren Hale, SailCraft


Our team of craftsmen can handle a large variety of composites work, from rebuilding a keel grid inside a boat to making a custom carbon instrument bracket for your mast. Light weight hard top dodgers that can hold and hide solar panels, the options are nearly endless. We have handled many hull and keel repairs due to groundings with great success.


We are currently investing in creating one of the largest heated spray facilities in the Vancouver area. This speaks to our dedication to creating the best possible paint finishes for your boat. While we have sprayed Awlgrip, an industry standard, over the years, we are currently recommending to clients a more repairable paint from PPG. We have learned over the years that our boats, unlike cars and planes, tend to bump into things. A paint that can be touched up can go a long way. Go to our painting page to find out more.

Mechanical & Electrical

The marine environment is hard on metals by nature. Fortunately your mechanical and electrical systems can last for years when properly cared for. Contact us to get your galvanic and electrical systems checked today to ensure your boats systems are protected. When was the last time you had your boats engine serviced? If you can’t remember you need to call us to have our expert mechanics ensure your engine is healthy. Plumbing systems are vital to the many of the systems that keep our boats running, from engine water intakes to waste management. Plumbing systems are the most commonly overlooked until it’s too late. Call us (604) 277-1414 to book an inspection.


Custom woodwork, water damage, repair, our fully outfitted joinery shop and craftsmen are able to give you the results you are looking for. If you want to give your boats interior a refreshing modern look, or maybe the cabinets need a little re-arranging for better storage, we can help.

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Client Testimonials

Warren Hale – Turicum

Some weeks before the 2010 Swiftsure race, Turicum hit a rock and the boat was hauled and the damage inspected.

At that time, arrangements were made with Strait Marine to haul Turicum, immediately after Swiftsure, to make the minor repairs that were evident as well as to do our annual bottom repaint.

Upon lifting the boat, significant structural problems began to be discovered. The damage fore and aft of the keel turned out to be much more extensive and severe than the previous inspection showed and extended out to the sides as well.

Andrew, the owner of Strait put an awesome crew of skilled tradesmen together with a commitment to work as necessary to effect the repairs in time for the start of Vic Maui (4 weeks). Even with such a commitment, there were lingering doubts that such a massive undertaking could be done in such a short period of time.

During the repair process, Andrew, Pete, Doug, Dave, Marcus and Malcolm, all skilled craftsmen of the highest order, worked tirelessly and meticulously reconstructing the bottom.

The damage was such that on the interior of the hull the structural grid that takes the loading from the mast, shrouds and keel had to be cut away to gain access to grind out and replace the damaged sections of hull. The exterior glass, fore and aft was ground away, and in one area, clear through.

For several days, one could stand in the companionway and see the ground beneath the boat through a large hole where the bottom and keel used to be.

The grid was subsequently replaced and bonded to the new hull as was the keel stub and keel. In the end, the keel was bonded and glassed to a standard far above that employed in the original construction.

The C&C “smile” is gone for good.

At the same time, all electrical and plumbing was carefully removed and marked for reinstallation.

On Friday June 25, 2010, Turicum had neither a keel nor mast. At 3:30 p.m. on June 28, 2010, the boat went back into the water and the rig installed.

That weekend was one of massive effort by the Strait crew and Turicum’s race crew as wiring, plumbing, painting and cleaning took place around the clock.

Turicum arrived in Victoria, as required by the race rules, on Tuesday June 29th and started the race on July 1st finishing 2nd in our division.

Yes, on the way we found some loose fittings and wires but nothing major. The boat was noticeably stiffer and quieter – a testament to the superb workmanship.

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