Having your boat lifted at Strait Marine can save hours of travel time compared to other yards in the area. Our open yard and proximity to highway 99, the US border and the Canada Border Services Agency marine port of entry in Steveston Harbour can save you valuable time when launching or hauling your boat to its next location.

Getting lifted? Ask us about our pressure washing services below the waterline! Call us at 604-277-1414 to book today.

Travel lift must be booked at least one business day in advance to avoid additional charges.
Please note: the Travelift does not operate in high winds, icy or snowy conditions etc.

Travel Lift Rules

  • Vessels must be under 70 Tons
  • Beam must be under 24′
  • Length must be under 80′
  • Listed rates (available through our office) are for lifts or launches that are completed within one hour
  • Operator & Travelift regular hourly rate $280.00 will apply after the first hour
  • Must be booked at least one business day in advance to avoid additional charges
  • Same day booking, if available space, will be charged a fee of $100.00 plus Lift Rate
  • Emergency Off Hour Lift will be charged a fee of $280.00 per hour
  • No extra charges for emergency hold in sling during business hours if vessel is in fishing season
  • An additional charge of $85.00 per hour will be applied if assistance is required on any lifts
  • Re-blocking a vessel is at our hourly rate of $280.00 per hour plus Lift Rate
  • Skiffs require two shackles on stern to be lifted
  • An additional charge for underwater appendages
  • Proof of payment for storage on hard and payment in full require before launch
Pleasure Boats
  • Two people present during lift to assist
  • Sailboat must removed backstay or forestay, require a picture of the keel & type of rigging
  • If cardboard is requested there is a minimum fee of $35.00 charged
    • 70 ton Capacity
    • 24ft Beam
    • Only 24hrs Notice Required
    • Open Mon-Fri 8am-4:30pm
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